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We Have a Permanent Home Now, We Have Moved!!!

After much deliberation and searching along with some hard work and sleepless nights, my husband and I have purchased the old Watson Brothers building here in Marinette.  We have learned some of its history and would love to tell you all about it.  So if you would like to hear about it or have some stories of your own from the past, please stop in and say hi.


Brenda Nord / Owner, Operator

I started this business with the help of my husband after working as a CMA for a few years.  I originally opened up part time only while working full time in the medical field.  With the enjoyment and personal satisfaction that I get from doing this work, and the need for this type of service in the community I decided to quit the medical field and do this full time.  I look forward to serving all of your custom, sewing and other seamstress needs.

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